Business Units

Avionics & Electronics

The Avionics & Electronics (CWC-AE) business unit specializes in the acquisition, consolidation, analysis and recording of aircraft sensor and avionics data. We deliver industry and technology leading high performance COTS and custom engineered system solutions through heavy investment in R&D. Our solutions include air data computing, flight test, airborne recording, space data handling systems, aerospace controllers, aircraft ice, fire and hazard systems, and ground vehicle computing.


Defense Solutions

The Defense Solutions (CWCDS) business unit provides technology leadership in the design, development, and production of rugged electronic modules and systems for defense applications. Serving as technology and integration partner to its customers, CWCDS offers a full range of highly engineered solutions based on modular open systems architectures (MOSA) to fully custom optimized system solutions. Our product range spans from industry standard based COTS modules to complete vetronics and avionics subsystems, with solutions deployed in a wide range of demanding aerospace & defense applications.


Flight Systems

The Flight Systems  (CWCFS) business unit delivers innovative, rugged deployed solutions for commercial, aerospace, industrial, and defense markets.  CWCFS' product range includes: Complex Structural components and Integration; Fluid Controls (Pumps/Motors, Valves, Solenoids, and Fuses); Secondary Flight Controls; Utility Door and Ordinance Actuation; and Aftermarket Overhaul and Repair services.  Our trusted performance comes from over 80 years of experience as one of the oldest and most renowned companies in aerospace.


Integrated Sensing

The Integrated Sensing (CWCIS) business unit offers specialized engineering and manufacturing capability resulting in the design and production of high-precision, flight-critical low-powered actuation, both rotary and linear, featuring gear heads, clutches, brakes, and integral position sensing, and high-performance linear and rotary position sensing transducers.  CWCIS also supplies valves and solenoids for use in hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel systems.

Exlar, a Curtiss-Wright company, designs and manufactures roller screw linear actuators, rotary servo motors, and electronic products for motion control applications.



The Industrial (CWCI) business unit delivers rugged subsystem solutions including programmable controllers and drives used in a wide variety of advanced electric-powered vehicles such as forklifts, pallet loaders, mobility scooters and wheelchairs, serving the industrial and medical markets. Highly-engineered components including sensors, electronic throttle controls and joysticks for off-road equipment, heavy trucks, motorsport and military vehicles.