At Curtiss-Wright Controls, our wide array of capabilities and knowledge span a vast range of products and applications. As we have grown throughout the last century, we have increased our significant technical expertise and used it to create high-performance products for a variety of markets. Our design proficiency and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce highly specialized products that meet the exacting specifications of each customer for each application. Take a look at some of the technology-based solutions Curtiss-Wright Controls has developed for each market, and see how Curtiss-Wright Controls can meet your needs.

Aerospace Defense

Curtiss-Wright Controls designs and produces highly specialized products for a wide range of defense aerospace applications. CWC actuators, sensors, pilot controls, data concentrators and recorders and other products are found onboard many of today’s most important fixed-wing, rotor-craft and UAV aviation platforms. Our rugged modules and systems are designed to deliver optimal performance in SWaP-C (Space/Weight/Power/Cost)-constrained applications. For mission-critical components and subsystems, Curtiss-Wright Controls is a partner you can depend on. For military helicopters, our unique ice and snow protection systems enable rotorcraft to fly, fulfilling their important missions, in the harshest weather conditions. Our broad range of military aerospace solutions also includes an array of computing systems, flight test instrumentation, position sensors and other components.


Commercial Aerospace

Curtiss-Wright Controls has a rich history and legacy unmatched in the commercial aerospace market. Our experience and expertise spans the entire breadth of manned, and more recently unmanned aviation. Since starting over a hundred years ago with a fixed-wing aircraft on the sand dunes of Kill Devil Hills, N.C., we have continually built on our reputation and commitment to excellence as a leading supplier of advanced subsystems and components for modern commercial fixed-wing and rotorcraft platforms. We also support space-based missions. Today, CWC is one of the industry’s most well established and regarded technology and service providers with products hard at work on nearly every commercial aircraft in the industry, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380


General Industry

Curtiss-Wright Controls is a long established leading supplier of highly engineered, complex commercial industrial products in a wide range of markets including broadcasting and recording, motorsports, off-highway equipment, and transportation. At CWC, we apply our sophisticated technical expertise, derived from decades of developing complex aircraft and ground defense components, to the unique needs and requirements of our commercial industrial customers. Our sensors are key components in all types of vehicles from aerial work platforms to championship Formula One race cars.  In the professional audio world, our Penny & Giles faders are the unmatched industry leading choice for audio and video controls. Our advanced technology joystick product family, including highly customizable variants are found in a wide variety of off-highway equipment and off-road vehicles. We support the broad transportation industry with technology solutions for monitoring, recording and controlling vehicles under extreme operating conditions, such as position sensing and controllers for railway traction and maintenance vehicles.


Ground Defense

To address the rigorous needs of the Ground Defense market, Curtiss-Wright Controls produces advanced drive technology, rugged embedded computing technology and sophisticated electronic upgrades for improved battlefield performance. Today we supply aiming and stabilization systems for many of the world’s most important combat vehicles, such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the M1 Abrams and the Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS). Our advanced computing and mechanical systems increase situational awareness and provide faster response to the ground defense vehicles that serve on the frontlines. CWC is a leading designer and manufacturer of open architecture COTS-based rugged embedded computing solutions that process data in real time to link the vehicle’s advanced systems together into a cohesive system that quickly conveys accurate information in the heat of battle. The complex systems that we produce provide greater intelligence and mission effectiveness for troops and machines in combat situations. Our extensive range of products for Ground Defense platforms include ammunition handling systems, digital servo motor controllers, analyzers, turret drive aiming and stabilization systems, video display management system and data recorders and archival systems.