Boeing 737

Curtiss-Wright Controls supplies a large number and wide variety of products that are used on all nine variants of the Boeing 737 short- to medium-range, single-aisle jet. These inlcude mission-critical components, such as electromechanical rotary actuators, fire protection systems, solenoids, high-lift actuation, maintenance recorders, rotary position sensors and trailing-edge flap drives.  Originally developed as a shorter, less expensive airliner based on Boeing’s 707 and 727, the Boeing 737 is now considered the most ordered and manufactured jet in airliner history. 


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A Solenoid is an electromagnetic device or driver that typically produces a uniform magnetic field that is utilized in multiple configurations and applications.  The most commonly application using solenoid technology would be a hydraulic or pneumatic valve that can be configured in multiple options such as a 2-way, 3-way, latching, pusher or puller type valves. Most solenoids may be configured with multiple coil options for redundancy as well as integrating diodes for various levels of protection.  

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Video Displays & Graphics

Curtiss-Wright Controls offers a wide range of highly integrated solutions for the display, processing, recording and archiving of video and graphics data for demanding law enforcement, defense and aerospace applications. Curtiss-Wright Controls Video and Graphics products include fully integrated HD video airborne Skyquest™ surveillance systems, rugged open standard graphics controller and frame grabber modules for embedded systems. Our Video and Graphics technologies include "sensor-to-display" solutions designed for applications ranging from  multi-layer radar and graphics display to rugged airborne video distribution and recording systems.

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Data Recorders

Curtiss-Wright Controls is a leading supplier of high-performance data recording, playback and storage solutions. Our extensive product range includes crash recorders, open recorders, targeted recorders, video recorders and storage solution. Whether the application comprises frequent small packets of data or continuous data acquisition from multiple channels, on land, in the air, or in space, we are able to meet virtually any data recorder requirement.

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Secondary Flight Controls

Curtiss-Wright Controls is a leading designer and manufacturer of high lift flight control actuation components and systems.  Everyday, thousands of our actuators are in the air demonstrating rugged, dependable service.  Leading Edge, Trailing Edge, Rotary, Linear, Hydraulically, or Electrically powered, we have experience and capability in flight control systems that are second to none.

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Utility, Door and Ordinance Actuation

Aircraft Door Actuation is a long standing core competency of Curtiss-Wright Controls.  Our pedigree includes systems on the Space Shuttle, C5, F-111, B757, B767, B777, B747, B787, F-22, and P8-A.  Our experience encompasses hydraulic and electric power and extensive trade study analysis between the two.  We can provide individual components or entire actuation systems including lifting, latching, venting, and damping requirements.

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Position Sensors

A position sensors is an electromechanical sensors that offer position feedback. The Linear sensors are measured in length of ranges from .2” to 196” (5mm to 5,000mm) while the Rotary sensors measurement angles from 10° to 360°. These position sensors, Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT’S) or Rotary Position Sensors (RVDT’s) utilize proven technology such as inductance, potentiometric, eddy current and hall effect to measure length or angular rotation, accurately and reliably for your position measurement needs.

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Fire Ice and Hazard Systems

Curtiss-Wright Controls has been supplying the aerospace industry with fire, ice and hazard systems since the 1960s. Our Ice detection and protection systems are designed to operate on a variety of surfaces and allow flight into forecast icing. It extends operational capacity in mixed or unpredictable weather without risking safety, mission or equipment. Our next-generation smoke detectors discriminate false stimulants using the multiple criteria particle discrimination principle to provide superior false alarm prevention.  

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