M1 Abrams

The U.S.-manufactured M1 Abrams is a heavily armored and highly mobile battle tank designed for modern ground warfare. Curtiss-Wright Controls provides sophisticated electronic upgrades as well as the fire control processor system solution for the M1 Abrams main battle tank. The M1 Abrams, the principal combat tank for the U.S. Army and Marines, as well as the armies of Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Australia, features a powerful gas turbine engine, advanced composite armor and ammunition storage in the blowout compartment for added crew safety.


How We Serve This Platform

Video Displays & Graphics

Curtiss-Wright Controls offers a wide range of highly integrated solutions for the display, processing, recording and archiving of video and graphics data for demanding law enforcement, defense and aerospace applications. Curtiss-Wright Controls Video and Graphics products include fully integrated HD video airborne Skyquest™ surveillance systems, rugged open standard graphics controller and frame grabber modules for embedded systems. Our Video and Graphics technologies include "sensor-to-display" solutions designed for applications ranging from  multi-layer radar and graphics display to rugged airborne video distribution and recording systems.

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Integrated Systems

Curtiss-Wright Controls is one of the defense and aerospace market’s leading providers of highly engineered integrated systems. With decades of experience, comprehensive internal design and manufacturing resources and world wide support capabilities to ensure optimal performance over long life cycle program requirements, CWC is a single source partner for system development. Our system design offerings include Application Ready COTS systems, Turnkey COTS systems and Program Specific System Development. We take a leadership role in defining industry-wide standards and are renowned for our advanced thermal management and packaging expertise.

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Defense Electronics

Curtiss-Wright Controls brings the most advanced commercial technology to the warfighter as quickly as possible. Through close partnerships with the world’s leading suppliers, we are able to design rugged, high performance COTS-based electronics modules that deliver the highest levels of computational performance for system management and demanding C4ISR signal, image and radar processing applications. Our unmatched expertise in packaging and our leadership role in industry standards bodies ensures that CWC electronics solutions can satisfy the most rigorous processing requirements in challenging shock, vibration and extreme temperature environments. Our commitment to the long lifecycle of military programs is reflected in our industry-leading lifecycle management services that reduce risk and mitigate market obsolescence issues.

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Data Communications

Curtiss-Wright Controls produces high-speed COTS data communications and I/O products with the flexibility to meet your program requirements. With such a broad range of operational requirements, highly optimized solutions are essential to ensuring data delivery in a timely manner for these mission-critical systems. We offer a wide range of highly inventive open-architecture communications and switching products to fit your specific needs. Our products are based on standards such as VMEbus, PMC, PCI, Fibre Channel and Serial FPDP.

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Rate Sensor Assembly

Curtiss-Wright Controls produces a cutting-edge rate sensor assembly that is based on a technologically advanced single-axis fiber-optic gyro sensor. The rate sensor assembly provides next generation gun and turret stabilization with dynamic pointing and precision measurement capabilities at a fraction of the mechanical gyro life-cycle cost. Because it is based on optical fibers and has no moving parts to wear out or fail, the fiber-optic gyro sensor lasts far longer than mechanical spin-wheel gyros and delivers significant cost savings over time. The rate sensor assembly is rigorously tested to meet or exceed military requirements and is ruggedly engineered for reliable performance in the harshest environments.

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