Curtiss-Wright’s Aerospace & Industrial segment provides leading edge sensors, controls, sub-systems and mission critical components, as well as critical services, targeted at growing markets worldwide, including commercial aerospace, commercial and specialty vehicles, and a broad range of general industrial markets.

Curtiss-Wright has a rich legacy in the commercial aerospace industry, spanning the breadth of manned and unmanned aviation. Providing a broad range of critical components and services for modern aircraft, Curtiss-Wright is a key partner to the major original equipment manufacturers driving the global demand boom for commercial aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus. Our products, found from the nose to the tail of the aircraft, include today’s most advanced, highly reliable control position sensors, market leading hot air valves used on advanced engine propulsion systems, and a gamut of other proprietary products and services. Our broad portfolio is an important competitive advantage that enables our customers to single-source multiple components from a trusted supplier.

Surface technologies enhance the performance and extend the life of critical components by helping prevent premature fatigue and corrosion failure. Our customers have come to rely on Curtiss-Wright to extend equipment life cycles. Recognized for many decades for our superior shot peening and shot peen forming technologies, we also are the undisputed market leader in laser peening, a computer-controlled process for precision strengthening of such parts as turbine blades and airplane wing skins. Through our engineered coatings group, we also apply a broad variety of high performance coatings that include corrosion resistant coatings for the aerospace and automotive industries, lubricity coatings for aerospace structural fasteners, high temperature insulating coatings for turbine engines, and wear resistant and thermal spray coatings for the oil and gas and power generation markets.

Curtiss-Wright is a recognized leader in providing components, sub-systems and sensors that enable customer specific solutions for medium and heavy duty on-highway and off-highway vehicles such as industrial vehicles, medium and heavy duty trucks, intercity transportation, John Deere tractors and sophisticated wheelchairs, as well as specialty vehicles used around the world. We are a leading provider of sensors, electronic throttle controls and shifters for commercial off-road equipment and heavy trucks help address the long-term trend toward attaining higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Our highly engineered electric actuators are capable of delivering the precise position control historically associated with hydraulic (servo) actuators. Our electro-mechanical actuators provide "plug and play" replacement for existing hydraulic actuators, which enables customers to eliminate the maintenance and environmental issues associated with the older technology. We also supply controllers and drives for rapidly growing applications on electric vehicles such as forklifts, pallet loaders, wheelchairs and rehabilitation chairs.

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